Utah Gunlaw - 4th Edition

Utah Gun Law 4th Edition: With “Plain-Talk” Summaries

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Don’t handle another gun until you read about… 

  • The most common, serious and expensive mistakes Utah gun owners make (how not to fry like a chicken gizzard on a hot, sticky Sunday night in the Deep South!)
  • Completely updated with instructions on how to stay informed.
  • New law clarifying the right to keep weapons in your own home.
  • New car carry rules and traps.
  • New alerts about federal shooting closures throughout the state.
  • Updated appendix summarizing changes in Utah’s gun laws relating to teens and young adults.
  • New national park and monument rules. It’s more expansive than you’ve heard, but there are hidden legal traps.
  • New “Katrina” law prohibiting the government from confiscating your guns during a serious natural disaster.
  • New information about keeping your firearms in your personal vehicle in your employer’s parking lot. After 6 long years, the Legislature reversed the Utah Supreme Court’s holding in the AOL case causing Pancho to shout, “Remember the AOL-amo!”
  • Changes to Utah’s brandishing and defense of property statutes.
  • New Statute giving immunity to property owners who allow concealed weapon holders to bring their firearms onto the property owner’s land.
  • University of Utah professors handed cheese with their whine. Utah Legislature passes law telling Congress to keep it’s tyrannical mitts off of guns manufactured in Utah (and what could happen to you if you think a state legislature can nullify a federal statute without the U.S. Supreme Court’s approval.)
  • Unraveling school zone traps.

Includes Complete NEW Entertainment Package From Your Favorite Desparado Pancho Vilos! New Pancho’s Wisdom Pancho’s Sweet Dreams for Endangered Species Pancho’s Revised Letter to Santa Pancho’s I-Have-a-Dream Civil Rights Speech And Much More!