Perhaps the most sweeping "gun law" passed by the Utah Legislature in 2023 was HB219 which could otherwise be referred to as "Utah's Second Amendment Sanctuary Law" officially making Utah a Second Amendment Sanctuary.  It enacted Utah Code Sections  53-5a-201 through 203 which are accessible if you got to le.utah.gov and type these code sections in the search line.  These code sections essentially protect Utah citizens from unconstitutional executive orders by a left-leaning president. It prohibits the use of state funds and state employees from enforcing federal regulations that infringe on the Second Amendment rights of US citizens in Utah.  There are some exceptions noted to keep current background checks ongoing and teams of federal and state officers working together to known arrest violent criminals.  The passage of these statutes was supported by the majority of Utah law enforcement agencies to their credit!  

Another excellent bill passed this year is HB 165, which rewards property owners and business that do not establish the reckless policy known as the "gun-free" zone.  It gives those who do not set up "gun-free" zones immunity from liability if an invited gun owner negligently causes injury or death on the premises.  The law affected is  53-5a-103 which also can be accessed at le.utah.gov.