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Mitch Vilos Gun Law Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime involving self-defense or use of a weapon, timing is important, call Mitch today for a free consult.



Notable Victories

  • Not guilty verdict to charge of brandishing in high-profile defense of computer storeowner Dell “Superdell” Schanze.
  • Seven-federal-felony indictment against gun dealer dismissed.
  • Not guilty jury verdict, state felony.
  • Judge refuses to bind over on charge of 3rd degree aggravated assault after effective cross exam of accusers.
  • 19 State felony charges against gun dealer reduced to 4 misdemeanors and gun dealer’s license saved at ATF revocation hearing.
  • Wrote successful cross-exam questions for ATF agent in federal indictment of gun dealer in Nevada federal court resulting in not guilty verdict.
  • A multitude of cases involving potential felony weapon charges (e.g. aggregated assault, weapon in airport secured area) dismissed or reduced to misdemeanors or infractions.
  • Client’s concealed weapon permit saved at revocation hearing.
  • Victories in cases where prosecutors contested the cleansing of criminal records (expungements) and reducing criminal charges (402 motions).
  • Successful defenses against domestic violence charges, protective orders, pending protective orders dismissed, assisting divorce attorneys navigate around gun issues in domestic cases.
  • Represented NRA to assist in case of hunter charged with 5 federal felonies for taking “explosives” (smokeless powder) into airport secured area; charges reduced to one misdemeanor, probation and a ten-dollar fine.
  • Amazingly successful resolution of case where client indicted on federal charges for trading stolen dynamite and a gun for illegal drugs.

Types of Cases

  • Self-Defense Cases where the defender has been charged with:
    • Murder
    • Attempted Murder
    • Aggravated (Felony) Assault
    • Brandishing
  • Representation of Gun Dealers and Manufacturers for weapons charges and license revocations
  • Defense of Concealed Weapon Permits in Administrative hearings
  • Weapon Possession Charges
  • Possession of an illegal weapon
  • Possession of Unregistered Machine Gun or other destructive device (hand grenade, bomb, rocket launcher
  • Weapons possessed by prohibited persons (felons, domestic violence misdemeanants)
  • Possession of Weapons in Secured Areas (Airports, Military Bases, etc.)
  • Expungements (cleansing of criminal records) – Utah Only
  • Gun or NFA (National Firearms Act) Trusts – Utah Only

What is Guns West Publishing, Inc.?

While Mitch continues to defend gun owners and FFL dealers, he has continued to publish books that inform gun owners of their rights and limitations. In March of 2010 Mitch organized Guns West Publishing, Inc. and soon after published the famous Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States. This title has launched Guns West Publishing, Inc. into an era that will bring more titles, publications and information for gun owners nationwide.


Mitch has authored and co-authored articles relating to personal injury litigation and insurance law in legal publications such as the Utah State Bar Journal and Utah Trial Lawyers Journal. He is the author of Utah Gun Law: Good, Bad and Ugly, Utah Gun Law II: Pancho’s Wisdom, Utah Gun Law, 3rd ed. and the Utah Spotlighting and Night Hunting Manual.

His most recent publications include: Utah Gun Law, 3rd ed. and the Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States.

He has also written articles for the Utah State Bar Journal, Utah Trial Lawyers Journal , American Self-Defense Institute Oracle, and has authored many articles dealing with brain injury litigation.

Articles Published by James D. “Mitch” Vilos

  • Bullets for Banditos: Ammunition to Fight the Subrogation War. Utah Trial Journal. (1996)
  • Civil Liability for Negligent Self-Defense. ASDI Oracle. American Self-Defense Institute, Issue 2, pg 2. (1997)