The following testimonials are written statements from Mitch’s previous clients.


By Working Hard And Pushing The Case Toward Trial, Attorney Vilos Recovers NINE TIMES What The Large TV-Advertising Law Firm Had Been Offered

“After I had a serious injury, I made the mistake of going to one of the huge law firms that advertise on TV.  After they collected the small liability limit of the person who injured me and collected an easy fee, the case against the next level of insurance became much more challenging.  They suggested I settle for an amount I felt was unfairly small.  Eventually, they would not return my phone calls.  I fired them and hired Mr. Vilos.  By filing suit and working hard he was able to obtain NINE TIMES what the insurance company had previously offered the TV advertisers!”

– Greg D.


Quick, Sizeable Settlement Of All Insurance Coverage Available Despite Complicated Pre-Existing Conditions And An Enormous Medicare Lien

“My wife was injured in a serious automobile collision. The case was complicated by the fact that she had already had injuries and surgeries to the areas of her body that were injured in the car accident. We tried to handle the case ourselves for almost a year and a half until it was clear that we were getting nowhere with the insurance company. The constant demands from the first level insurance adjuster and the increasing harassment from medical creditors was slowly building to the point of almost total mental and emotional exhaustion.

“Finally, it occurred to us to retain Mitch Vilos whom we understood had had over 30 years experience handling such claims. Mitch immediately took over the case and began working tirelessly with my wife’s medical doctors to piece together the medical evidence needed to convince the adjusters on two separate levels of insurance coverage that, by settling the case, they were not paying for injuries that occurred before the car accident. Furthermore, Mitch developed the lay witness testimony in the form of written statements and photographs to show the dramatic difference in my wife’s life before and after the collision. We never had to communicate with Mitch through a receptionist or paralegal. He was constantly and immediately available to us whenever we needed him to deal with medical creditors or Medicare agents.

Mitch financed all the advanced costs necessary to prosecute the case. Within a few short months Mitch had collected all of the insurance monies available in the case, had settled the huge Medicare lien on the settlement for pennies on the dollar and had dealt with all the medical creditors that had been harassing us for over a year. We never had to deal with any of these things; Mitch handled everything he said he would, leaving us with an impressive settlement amount and complete peace of mind during the entire process. Don’t wait to be abused not only by the other person’s insurance carrier but your own, not to mention dealing with the hospital and doctors who expect to be paid immediately. I would tell anyone who has been injured in an accident to contact Mitch Vilos right away.”

– Hart B.


Vilos proves insurance company characterization of “a simple whiplash” is false and recovers 88 times what insurance company offers! 

“My husband was involved in a high-speed collision when a man in a large Jeep Cherokee ran a stop sign. The impact was so great that the jeep not only rolled, but tumbled end over end. The lap belt my husband was wearing caused trauma to his heart and he had irregular beats for several months. No matter what kind of treatment my husband tried, it did not relieve his neck pain. Mitch got right to work on the case and after putting together a very detailed and thorough demand letter, the first level of insurance was paid quite quickly. This was very helpful because of our financial situation and lost earnings because of the accident. The next level of insurance coverage became much more challenging. Our own insurance company treated the neck injury like it was a “simple whiplash.” They said we had been completely compensated by the first settlement.

No matter what kind of strategy Mr. Vilos tried, he could not get our insurance company to see how serious the injury was or to get them to offer anything more than a mere pittance. When we went to trial, Mr. Vilos was completely prepared. The insurance defense attorney tried to take something my husband said in his deposition out of context, but Mr. Vilos knew exactly what my husband had said and corrected the insurance attorney in front of the judge. Mr. Vilos put on a dramatic case proving that my husband’s injury was painful and permanent and not just a simple “whiplash.”

The judge awarded us eighty-eight (yes, 88!) times what our own insurance company had offered to settle for! Mr. Vilos fights hard for his clients and is completely prepared when the case goes to trial. Mitch was really an answer to our prayers; he fought very hard for my husband’s case. He is a very impressive attorney and especially at the trial. He works well under stress and has a knack for knowing exactly what needs to be said and done. During all the time we worked with him, we were never a number. We always felt like we were on the top of his priority list. If you, or a family member, are ever unfortunate enough to have been injured by someone else’s carelessness, Mr. Vilos is the kind of attorney you want to aggressively and tirelessly fight for fair and reasonable compensation!”

– Windy O.


We never had to go through receptionists, legal assistants or paralegals to communicate with Mitch. He always answered his own phone and his answers to texts and emails were often immediate! He was available to us evenings and weekends, virtually 24-7.

Our elderly mother was involved in a car accident and the case presented some potentially difficult legal issues such as pre-existing conditions incident to age, late onset of symptoms after the accident, not to mention the potential Medicare and health insurance liens on any settlement.

We considered several law firms, including the large firms that advertise on television, but chose Mitch Vilos because of his 30 plus years of experience handling medical-legal cases. We were also impressed that he didn’t shield himself from his clients through the use of receptionists and secretaries and that he would be doing the research and advocacy himself rather than relying upon law students, legal assistants or paralegals. This was his commitment to us from the onset and he didn’t disappoint.

We never had to go through receptionists, legal assistants or paralegals to communicate with Mitch. He always answered his own phone and his answers to texts and emails were often immediate! He was available to us evenings and weekends, virtually 24-7. Although it seemed like ours was his only case, we knew he had many other serious injury cases and that he treated his other clients with the same personal touch as he did with us.

He personally researched all of the medical issues and consulted with my mother’s neurosurgeon and other healthcare givers to get favorable written opinions. By the time he sent in a demand to the insurance companies, the demand letter was supported by several hundred pages of medical records, medical bills, medical articles and illustrations.

Right after the case was settled for all of the insurance money available, we met with our mother’s trust attorney for investment advice. An insurance defense attorney from the same firm who was present during the meeting exclaimed she had never seen such a large insurance case resolved so quickly and efficiently.

Many months after the case was settled and the attorney fees paid, Mitch continued to work tirelessly on the case and finally got Medicare and mom’s health insurer to waive their liens, thus adding well over $50,000 of additional net value to the case.

We are extremely pleased with Mitch Vilos’ representation and recommend him highly to anyone needing an aggressive, experienced trial lawyer to handle their injury case.

B.R. & J.R.