Utah Gun Law 5th Edition Updates

One of the most significant recent changes in Utah Gun Law is the concept known as "Constitutional Carry" or "permitless carry."  The change in the law allows US citizens legally permitted to possess firearms, who are  21 years old and older, to carry loaded concealed defensive handguns in their own vehicles and on Utah public streets without having concealed firearms permits.  This occurred during the 2021 Legislative Session in a bill known as HB60 and became law on May 5th 2021.  Those 21 and older without permits are still prohibited from carrying loaded rifles and shotguns in their vehicles.  By federal law such persons are still prohibited from carrying firearms into elementary and secondary school zones.  
The entirety of HB60 may be viewed at le.utah.gov, click "Bills," then "2021 Bills:" then to the right of that "2021 General Session."