Mr. Vilos’ Law Practice

Mitch has been a trial lawyer for over 40 years. He has two main areas of practice: personal injury law and weapons law. He has successfully represented hundreds of clients in personal injury lawsuits and weapons cases. He has been representing accident victims for most of his career.

Gun Law: In 1998, Mr. Vilos began representing clients charged with weapons offenses. This led to representing gun dealers and FFL license holders in criminal cases, forfeitures and license revocations brought by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Because of his belief that the weapon laws had become so numerous and complicated, he began writing books to keep citizens from inadvertently violating these laws. His simple writing style has helped tens of thousands better understand the weapons laws and avoid making costly mistakes.

What is Guns West Publishing, Inc.?

Attorney James D. “Mitch Vilos is President of Guns West Publishing, Inc.  Guns West Publishing, Inc. publishes and distributes helpful information about self-defense and weapons law for all U.S. citizens who may ever use a weapon for any reason whether for self-defense, hunting or recreation. 


Guns West Publishing, Inc. is dedicated to educating U.S. citizens about their rights and responsibilities related to the use of weapons for any purpose, including the defense of self, loved ones and fellow citizens. Our titles inform about the hidden legal traps in the weapons laws that can cause otherwise law-abiding citizens to lose everything.